and other visual experiments



Stephen Calhoun, artist

(2013) Grateful – 14×11 – proof


Stephen Calhoun, artist

(2012) Mogypt – 16×12 – proof

Full of Ships

S.Calhoun, 2014
(2014) Full of Ships – 32×48″ – proof

viewing tip: in your web browser zoom in 3x

Alchemical Function



2014 – Alchemical Function – 18×12″ – from a photograph, with generative overlay

Tiger Mom

Tiger Mom

2013 Tiger Mom – proof for giclee

Bloom (ARK)

ARK - Bloom

2012 – Bloom – unfinished, and original lost




2013 Buried – 13×19 dye giclee (ARK)

Visitors From a Far Away farm (ARK)

Visitors From A Far Away Farm

2013 Visitors From a Far Away farm – 24×19″ proof for giclee

note - this looks spectacular run on Office Max's Epson ink jet banner printer on matte, for $20!

The Problem of Peace (In the Contexts of Religion)

The Problem of Peace (As a Religious Problem)

2013 12″ The Problem of Peace (In the Contexts of Religion) – square dye giclee

Inlet Edge (ARK)

Inlet Edge

2013 Inlet Edge – proof for giclee

Gardening Universes (ARK)

Gardening Universes

2013 Gardening Universes – dye proof for giclee

Glory the Tuxedo Cat

Glory the Tuxedo Cat

2013 Glory the Tuxedo Cat – from a photograph, iPad apps; dye print

A Green Man

A Green Man

2013 A Green Man – 12″ proof for giclee

Buddha Symmetry (ARK)

Buddha Symmetry

2013 Buddha Symmetry



2013 Mountain – Study No. 1



2012 Graph

The Opening (ARK)

The Opening

2012 The Opening

Birds of a Feather #1 (ARK)

Birds of a Feather #1

2012 Birds of a Feather #1

Untitled Font Study

Font Study

The Old Alchemist – version one

The Old Alchemist

2012 The Old Alchemist version #1 – proof for dye giclee

The Three Amigos

The Three Amigos


New Game Board #3

New Game Board #3

2012 part of a series

On Mars

On Mars


Why I Am Not Camping Tonight

Why I'm Not Camping Tonight