and other visual experiments


Full of Ships

S.Calhoun, 2014
(2014) Full of Ships – 32×48″ – proof

viewing tip: in your web browser zoom in 3x



(2014) Vigilance – 9.5 x 6.5″ – from a photograph

Alchemical Function



2014 – Alchemical Function – 18×12″ – from a photograph, with generative overlay




2014 – Dolora – 14×11 – proof for giclee – from a photograph

High Noon Green Mountains


2014 – High Noon Green Mountains – 28×22″ – photograph

Tiger Mom

Tiger Mom

2013 Tiger Mom – proof for giclee

Connection – version 2


Connection – 2011 – photograph


Cover Design for Apparently


2013 – Music Recording Cover, for Apparently by Kamelmauz, Duty Free Records

note-from a photograph

The Queen of the Garden

Queen of the Garden
2013 – The Queen of the Garden 20×15 pigment giclee – workflow note

Summer Blues

Summer Blues

2013 Summer Blues

Fire Lilly


2013 Fire Lilly

ARTISTIC STATEMENT (updated July-2013)

Creating visual pieces is a musical process. My goal is only my own enjoyment and learning. My guiding intentions are to learn by doing experiments, discover unique territories by implicating factors of serendipity and novelty, and, enjoy my creative process. If my visual or sonic art moves anybody else, I’m tickled.

Totem For the Future No. 1


2013 Totem for the Future No. 1 – 24″ pigment giclee

Visitors From a Far Away farm (ARK)

Visitors From A Far Away Farm

2013 Visitors From a Far Away farm – 24×19″ proof for giclee

note - this looks spectacular run on Office Max's Epson ink jet banner printer on matte, for $20!

The Problem of Peace (In the Contexts of Religion)

The Problem of Peace (As a Religious Problem)

2013 12″ The Problem of Peace (In the Contexts of Religion) – square dye giclee

Inlet Edge (ARK)

Inlet Edge

2013 Inlet Edge – proof for giclee

Glory the Tuxedo Cat

Glory the Tuxedo Cat

2013 Glory the Tuxedo Cat – from a photograph, iPad apps; dye print

Buddha Symmetry (ARK)

Buddha Symmetry

2013 Buddha Symmetry



2013 Mountain – Study No. 1

Birds of a Feather #1 (ARK)

Birds of a Feather #1

2012 Birds of a Feather #1

Grid Study, (Before and Final)

Grid-Study (Before)

Before finishing manipulations.

Grid Study

2′ square, for giclee

2012 Grid Study

Interior Study #1

Interior Study #1 (of an abandoned truck)

2012 abandoned truck photograph / digital post-processing

Dogwood Triad

Dogwood Triad


Driveway Abstract #2

Driveway Abstract #2

2012 – from a photographic series

Driveway Abstract #3

Driveway Abstract #3

2012 – from a photographic series